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IT Disposal

If you are looking for an secure IT Disposal service with the UK you have come to the right place. We recycle IT and telecoms equipment nationwide and are fully accredited through government regulations.

A market leader in IT disposal we offer businesses throughout the UK the service cover’s all forms of IT recycling, recovery and disposal.

Our main services for IT Disposal cover:

Disposing of IT Cable:

As an environmentally conscious organisation we look to reuse the wiring wherever we can. This reduces your carbon footprint saving energy and allows the cables to be used again.

Computer Recycling:

After the removal and destruction of all data contained within the hard drives we look to reuse the machines wherever we can. Using Blancco wiping software used and approved by the ministry of defence and other government departments we offer anything from a 3-pass wipe up to a 33 pass. Any unusable for this purpose are broken down and recycled through our scrap process to their constituent parts.


As a high volume data-storing device the server equipment we treat is handled carefully and responsibly. The hard drives are removed and data destroyed and then they are broken down for components if reuse isn’t possible.

Network Equipment:

Routers, switches and hubs are data cleared as standard and are broken down into their components. These are then recycled according to the WEEE guidelines.

TFT Monitor Recycling

Monitor recycling is an integral part of computer recycling processes. There is no reason to destroy a fully working TFT monitor so wherever we can we try to regain our processing costs via the UK distribution channels.

Hard Drive Wiping – Data Destruction

Hard drive wiping is done at our 65,000 square foot warehousing facility. All data is destroyed to government-approved standards and stringent tests are made to check that this process has been adhered.

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Charitable Work

We support over 250 charities in the UK and provide a donation from every device we recover helping people benefit from the recycling of your redundant equipment.

The services that you will have access to have made over 2.5 million pounds over the last 7 years for charities of all different types including the Breast cancer Campaign, World Cancer foundation and Bliss.


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